‘Empower Me’ workshops for Kids

Find out why you too must book your child into one of our empowerment workshops.

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Kids Empowerment Workshop:

Confidence Boosting
Increased Focus
Goal Setting
Becoming more Grateful


Feedback received

"Both my kids enjoyed the workshop s lot, They particularly liked their learning about fixed mindset vs growth mindsets that you spoke to them about. They also loved the part about facing & dealing with challenges. Thank you for all your hard work put in to inspire our kids to achieve and be the best they can. "


Monisha ( Mum of Ryan & Alayna)

"Hi Yolanda, I cannot find words to thank you for your very inspiring and beautiful idea to deliver this workshop for kids! I just had the most beautiful conversation with my daughter and I can see the little seeds of confidence and acceptance that you planted today. Thank you so much and please let me know when the next workshop is. We did the gratitude exercise at the end of the day and one of the things Bianca is grateful for today is to have spent time with you and learned so many important things about herself. Thank you"


Patricia Bekerman (Bianca's Mum)

"Dear Yolanda, thank you for creating a workshop for kids that encourages them to not only appreciate what is already around them, however most importantly, themselves. Our daughter is beaming with gratitude and pride! She is very much looking forward to the next workshop. For my husband and I, we felt your workshop confirmed our beliefs, for each child to appreciate the differences of another as well as accepting their own. Keep on sharing your program as those you teach will also share, and this with time, will make a difference"


Angela Ntellas (Ella-Maree's mum)

"Love what you have done for our children. You are an amazing inspirational person."


Vivian Tan (Ayva, Jasmine & Estelle's mum)

"Thanks Yolanda for taking the leadership in motivating and inspiring Marita and our future generation in general! It was a day well spent by Marita!! Keep up the great work!!"


Janet Judith (Marita's mum)

To Book ring us on 04324 77021 or email yolanda@giggles4girls.com.au 

Yolanda Alvares is the published author of the book 'Abundant Motherhood - Empowering mums to Empower their Kids'


Yolanda has successfully run several workshops in India with an aim to empower children in orphanges, enabling them to believe in themselves and create hope for a better future for young children.