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Through fun, games, and giggles - each party theme will bring special memories for everyone involved! Whether it's becoming princesses, being pampered or dancing the day away - each theme focuses on the birthday girl as well as cultivating the friendships surrounding her. The goal for these parties is to make sure every kid leaves feeling special, happy and loved by those around her. Giggles4Girls will create this experience for you!


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No matter what theme you choose for your daughter’s party, we are absolutely sure everyone will have an incredibly fun, memorable time, all while seeing the importance of feeling good about themselves!

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Started in 2013, Giggles 4 Girls began as a fun way for founder, Yolanda to teach her daughters about the nitty gritty of running a business while putting smiles on other’s faces.  Yolanda’s daughters were quick to agree that girl themed parties were unique and fun - and in this, Giggles 4 Girls was born!

A Book? 

Yolanda is so filled with passion about the importance of a mum's role in her child's life that she is now the author of her book titled, ‘Abundant Motherhood - Empowering Mum's to Empower their Kids'
Her book is filled with the 'what' , the 'why' & 'how' of empowered parenting along with many innovative and exciting tips, tricks and techniques to empower your child to give them the highest probability of success.
Contact Giggles4Girls today to book your party, and let the giggles begin!


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 Offer of several themed options for your daughter’s party, so it’s easy to choose what fits her interests and her age group.

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