Mobile Kids Disco Party for Sienna’s 8th birthday

Sienna_8th_Disco Party

It does not take much to absolutely make our week ‘ Super Fantastic!!”.

This past weekend Giggles 4 Girls hosted a mobile kids disco theme party for little Sieanna who turned 8, and while we had so much fun ourselves hosting this party what got us so much more excited was the joy experienced and expressed by mum Bree & daughter Sieanna!!  Which read…

“Thank you so much for celebrating my daughter Sieanna’s 8th birthday with your disco theme.  Sieanna had a fantastic day and so did all her friends!

Sieanna was also made to feel very special.  I can’t thank you enough for making the day go smoothly and most importantly fun, where even us parents could join in 😊

Sienna also enjoyed it when you hosted her 6th birthday the princess theme but the disco theme party was by far the best experience ever (her words) and she is already hinting to re. next year for another birthday with you guys.

I highly recommend this group of lovely people to anyone looking for a party for their children 😊
Thank you again
Bree and Sieanna”

What does your ‘river of life’ look like? :)

Drawing our ‘River of Life’ at the kids empowerment workshop Day 1.
An activity that helps us become aware of the various paths our life has taken and the events that have occurred.
We are able to see that each of us has had our unique experiences and that each of us has had our share of challenges.
Challenges are an essential part of the journey it’s what shapes who we are.
We all have our own unique journey. We are not alone in facing challenges.💝💝💝
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Reading with your child has so many important benefits, not only will it help to develop a stronger relationship between you and your child, but it will help your child with better speech and communication skills.
Reading also develops creativity in a fun way and research shows us that our kids learn best when they are having fun. At Giggles4Girls we give these learning’s to your children through the fun activities we run at each of our parties!
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As mothers we should live more in the moment and guide our children to live more empowered and purpose filled lives.Here at Giggles4Girls we’re all about teaching our kids life enhancing and empowering values in a fun and exciting way, because our kids Learn best when they are having fun and at Giggles4Girls we impart these learnings to our kids through the enjoyable activities run at each of our parties and Kids Empowerment Workshops!
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