2019: Focus on kids empowerment

Hello! We at Giggles4Girls hope you all had an amazing holiday season filled with lots of joy, family, friends and giggles! After this rest and rejuvenation period Giggles4Girls are ready to begin celebrating with all of you! We’ve already had our first party for the year and are excited to keep our empowerment work going, and with this focus for 2019 we are overjoyed to put out our first kids workshop for 2019 on the 8th and 9th of February. to be held in Rowville. see our page for more details!

Teaching our kids to be grateful…

There is much more research put out these days emphasizing the importance of being grateful.

Some of the many benefits includes changes in the pattern of thinking, while as humans we’re negatively geared in our thinking, practicing gratitude shifts that, moving us to become aware of negative patterns and make a conscious choice towards thinking in ways that serve us and work in our favour.

Being in a state of gratitude also improves our physical health and opens the door to better relationships.

However, of all the benefits of being grateful the one that touched us the most was that it raised ‘self-esteem’.

Some quick ways in which we can teach our kids to be grateful:

  1. Adopt an attitude of being grateful in your life
  2. When seated together at family meal times create the space for each to share 3 things they feel grateful for, make sure you include a turn for yourself.
  3. When helping your child through a difficult situation incorporate a opportunity to see the situation through eyes of gratitude. This may seem difficult at first, but as it’s said when we seek we find… you will find 🙂

Giggles 4 Girls parties for girls, which aims at empowering kids could not skip this opportunity to introduce gratitude as part of our party activities as well as kids empowerment workshop activity.

How we did this?

In the midst of our pampering session and our glamorous makeovers, we bring the girls together to customize their own little gratitude journals that they get to keep. To find out more about our parties visit our website on http://www.giggles4girls.com.au/

Running out of ideas for your tweens birthday?

A pamper party is the way to go when you are trying to think of exciting ideas for your 7, 8 or 9 year old girl.

It is the most popular theme for this age group because girls at this stage of their lives are mostly identifying with their uniqueness.

They are not young enough to be princesses neither are they old enough to be teenagers.

These tween-agers are finding their feet in their world, they love feeling like princesses but at the same time want to experience the ‘big girl’ stuff!

Mobile Spa Pamper Party Melbourne

This is where the Giggles4Girls Spa Spectacular theme party makes for the perfect theme for your 7, 8, 9 or 10 year old. Which is ideally suited for a group of anywhere between 8 to 12 girls.  The girls are treated to pink lemonade and marshmallows while their feet are soaked in warm bubbly water sprinkled with pink heart shaped soap petals. 

Hand and foot massages are followed by getting their nails painted while games are played on little pink clip boards and little age appropriate girly magazines keep their fascination with growing up alive.

If you would like to find out more or if you would like enquire about a party click on the link below:



Magical friendship bonds…

What if your daughter were surrounded by all of her special friends on her birthday and was told by each of them ‘how special she was?”

Can you imagine how that would make her feel?  What if you were able to create a space where each of her friends could share cool stories about each other? Share instances where your daughter reached out to help her friend or made her friend smile when she was feeling down.  Or maybe a friend shared just how your daughters laughter made her happy when was down.

Did you know that it’s magical moments like these that can build trust and togetherness and create long lasting friendships?

Giggles 4 Girls ‘parties just for girls ‘creates just this environment where your daughter and her special friends not only experience ‘feeling great’ from being pampered and experience ‘looking great’ from having their nails, hair & make up done BUT… they also experience a special bond with the group of friends that they spend much of their little lives with. 

We do this by including a segment of appreciation within the activities in our parties… girls are encouraged to share positive thoughts and memories about their friends and about themselves too.  each child is given a little journal called a “gratitude journal’ where they are encouraged to note down things they are grateful, share whats special about themselves as well as share what special about our birthday girl and the friends around.  This segment of a giggles 4 girls ‘Spa spectacular’ party makes all the difference in strengthening the bonds of friendship among any group of friends.  Try it out when among friends! Yes its that easy to not only feel good within ourselves when we share a positive comment about  another but also creates a special bond that comes from sharing special moments and special girly giggles with each other.


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Mobile Kids Disco Party for Sienna’s 8th birthday

Sienna_8th_Disco Party

It does not take much to absolutely make our week ‘ Super Fantastic!!”.

This past weekend Giggles 4 Girls hosted a mobile kids disco theme party for little Sieanna who turned 8, and while we had so much fun ourselves hosting this party what got us so much more excited was the joy experienced and expressed by mum Bree & daughter Sieanna!!  Which read…

“Thank you so much for celebrating my daughter Sieanna’s 8th birthday with your disco theme.  Sieanna had a fantastic day and so did all her friends!

Sieanna was also made to feel very special.  I can’t thank you enough for making the day go smoothly and most importantly fun, where even us parents could join in 😊

Sienna also enjoyed it when you hosted her 6th birthday the princess theme but the disco theme party was by far the best experience ever (her words) and she is already hinting to re. next year for another birthday with you guys.

I highly recommend this group of lovely people to anyone looking for a party for their children 😊
Thank you again
Bree and Sieanna”

What does your ‘river of life’ look like? :)

Drawing our ‘River of Life’ at the kids empowerment workshop Day 1.
An activity that helps us become aware of the various paths our life has taken and the events that have occurred.
We are able to see that each of us has had our unique experiences and that each of us has had our share of challenges.
Challenges are an essential part of the journey it’s what shapes who we are.
We all have our own unique journey. We are not alone in facing challenges.💝💝💝
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