Mobile Birthday Party Packages

girls having spa

Spa Pamper Party

Let the birthday girl feel special & unique with friends all while being pampered!

Activities range from chocolate facial & foot rubs, to Spa themed games & even a fashion show. It’s a time to feel great about themselves  together!

Hummer Limo w/ Pamper Party

Why is this party the ultimate Limo party???

Giggles 4 Girls “Ultimate Limo Party’ is no ordinary Limo Party.. it is the ULTIMATE Limo party… It includes anything a girl could ever want!

Girls by pink hummer limousine

Disco Diva

Time to dance the day away with friends at this disco party!

Activities range from dressing up, dance-offs, disco themed games & make overs.

Pampered Princess Party

Transform all girls into a dazzling princess at this party! 

Activities range from royal “crowning the princess” ceremony, making crowns, princess etiquette & “having a ball” like a princess.This is a chance for young girls to make lovely memories, feel dazzling and become the princesses they truly are!

girl princess looking in the mirror