Are You Raising an Ambitious Child?


What can we do when we find ourselves raising an ‘ambitious’ child?
When our kids are young they feel free to dream big & the capacity of their dreams is limitless, unlike adults they are not limited by fear of failure or self-doubt.
However as adults and parents we can sometimes feel concerned about our child’s big dreams and our concern comes from our fear that our kids will go through the same disappointment as we may have.
We tend to reflect our own fears upon them.
Raising an ambitious child may at times concern us.
However, there are alternate ways and we need not push our fears onto them, we can however break down the process of achieving big dreams into small bite-size pieces and show them from a young age that we are in fact unlimited
We are capable of creating within them a mindset that if they truly focus on a goal nothing can stop them. ‘Where focus goes energy flows – Tony Robbins ‘.
It is said that the brain follows patterns and if we create patterns of success and stories of achievement from a young age within our kids we have in fact created enough success story points that they can then take with them into their future & adulthood

When faced with challenges they recognize the identity to success that they have created for themselves and are more capable of overcoming their challenges because that is what is instilled within their belief system

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