Empowering workshops in Auckland, NZ – December 2nd 2016

Abundant motherhood parenting workshop

I am over the moon in excitement to have been asked to host a workshop at the botany libraries in Auckland, New Zealand.
The workshop is followed by my book launch ‘Abundant Motherhood – Empowering mums to empower their kids’ it all begins at 5 pm for a 1 hour workshop and then followed by a book launch gathering at 6 pm on Friday 2nd December 2016.
If you are based in Auckland it is an opportunity not to be missed… Atleast I think so ūüôā

Here’s what our workshop is looking to cover:

  1. Connecting with ourselves: Why connect with ourselves? What is involoved? Benefits of being connected and what’s at stake when we are not connected.
  2. Emotions:¬† Woohoo… this has grown¬†to be one of my favourite topics… it allows me the opprtunity to be vulnerable and share openly.¬† What are the benefits? you ask?¬† the biggest benefits to me have been the gift of living a life of freedom, peace and in short a feeling of living a life ‘in heaven’ here on earth!!!
  3. Comfort Zone: you may say i’m comfortable i do not need to push my boundaries.. i’m really comfortable, really ??? Let me take you on a journey with this one to discover what living out of your comfort zone is all about and i bet ya, you will be burtsing to get out of the room and take the leap !! LOL!!! One thing¬†I can promise it will be worth it!!
  4. TIME!!!¬† I get asked this alot… Yolanda, where do you find the time to run x 2 businesses, work a day job, write a book, raise a gorgeus family and still be buzzing with excitemennt for life… I vow to tell all, no holding back.¬† I promise.¬† I live with the motto ‘to whom much is given much is expected’¬†¬†I believe¬†I have been let in on¬†the¬†secret to having ‘MORE’ Time.¬† and i’m here toi share it all.
  5. Empowering Actvities: That are desgined to keep¬†your kids empowered.¬† Here I share the power of our minds¬†backed by research conducted on how the human brain works. Why we MUST do these actvities with our kids while they are young. How we can rest assured that our kids have a greater chance at success than they ever would have ūüôā

I look forward to seeing you there… if you cannot be there but would like a copy of the book that contains all of the above information and more… here is the link to purchase: https://giggles4girls.com.au/shop/

Our next workshop is happening in Melbourne 8th February @ the Mount Waverley Libraries time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Contact us on 0432477021 for more information on our workshops and how you too can host one at your local library.