Teaching our kids to be grateful…

There is much more research put out these days emphasizing the importance of being grateful.

Some of the many benefits includes changes in the pattern of thinking, while as humans we’re negatively geared in our thinking, practicing gratitude shifts that, moving us to become aware of negative patterns and make a conscious choice towards thinking in ways that serve us and work in our favour.

Being in a state of gratitude also improves our physical health and opens the door to better relationships.

However, of all the benefits of being grateful the one that touched us the most was that it raised ‘self-esteem’.

Some quick ways in which we can teach our kids to be grateful:

  1. Adopt an attitude of being grateful in your life
  2. When seated together at family meal times create the space for each to share 3 things they feel grateful for, make sure you include a turn for yourself.
  3. When helping your child through a difficult situation incorporate a opportunity to see the situation through eyes of gratitude. This may seem difficult at first, but as it’s said when we seek we find… you will find 🙂

Giggles 4 Girls parties for girls, which aims at empowering kids could not skip this opportunity to introduce gratitude as part of our party activities as well as kids empowerment workshop activity.

How we did this?

In the midst of our pampering session and our glamorous makeovers, we bring the girls together to customize their own little gratitude journals that they get to keep. To find out more about our parties visit our website on https://giggles4girls.com.au/