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Emily Webb July 2019

I can’t speak highly enough of that party we had for my daughter’s 10th birthday. Yolanda created such a special experience for the girls with some painting nails and catwalk fun and some beautiful positive affirmation activities so the girls felt special and were able to show gratitude for themselves and their friends. To top it off was the stretch hummer ride and the girls had the best time. Highly recommend this party experience!!

Theja November 2018

It was an absolutely beautiful experience not only for my little princess but everyone else young and old.
The team cleverly engaged the 15 odd kids with entertainment back to back so the adults could relax and enjoy watching what was being done.
My little beautiful Princess was transformed into a even more beautiful fairytale princess with hair do and glitter makeup and courtesies that go with it.
In a single breath; it was an absolutely magical and memorable event that was very professionally hosted.


 "Hi, I am the mum of Alanna. We have had a Spa Spectacular party organised by Giggles 4 Girls. The kids all had an amazing SPA experience. The best part of the party was that I did not have to do a thing. I was able to step back and enjoy my daughter’s special day along with her and all her friends"Thank you


"Jill had a very good time on her 10th birthday celebrations. She enjoyed being pampered and was feeling great about the SPA fun. Her friends loved it too. Your team Giggles4Girls did a good job pampering them & keeping them all entertained with games & music at the same time! I would be glad to recommend Giggles4Girls to anyone wanting to give their daughter a special and memorable birthday", Many Thanks 

Patricia April 2015

Hi, I’m Patricia, Bianca’s mum, we had a spa party for Bianca’s 9th Birthday with Giggles 4 Girls. She had the most amazing time.  The girls loved it and everything was taken care of. Thank You 


"The girls were thoroughly entertained by the activities organised by Yolanda and her charming offsiders! They knew how to engage with the girls in an age appropriate and fun way!  Thanking you" 


"Sienna and I would like to thank you for a sensational birthday party. Sienna said her best ever party. You were wonderful at making her and her friends feel very special and treated. I have had lots of positive feedback including a text from some of the girls saying they had a fantastic time. Very happy to reccomend you to family and friends. thanks again"


"Having Giggles4Girls at Orlando's party gave me peace of mind, as I could see the kids were having fun and being entertained by Yolanda and Yanika. They loved the face painting and games organised. Even other adults & I joined in the fun. Thanks for making Orly's bday so special"


"What a fantastic party! Sienna loved it so much and hasn't stopped talking about it!!Great Photos too... Thank You!"



"The party was simply amazing the team made all the girls feel special... My daughter will remember her 5th Birthday forever!! Thank you so much Giggles 4 Girls, I will recommend them every time and without hesitation! Fantastic job ladies! Jemima and I are still buzzing!"


"This is my best party ever” Alayna my 6 year old girl says.  Yolanda and her staff were excellent with the kids. They had the kids attention from the word go.  The staff were confident and well organised.  I would highly recommend them for a kids party as they had the kids engrossed for the entire 2 hour period."


Maria Stewart

"The 'Best' pamper party for Little princesses they have done a 'Fantastic' job with everything I recommend them to everyone"


Kelly Krajnc

" A hassle free party for parents and fun filled time for the girls! Thank you for leaving the girls happy, relaxed and with big smiles on their faces :)"


Sharryn Beard April 2017

Thanks Yolanda for a wonderful party. All the girls loved it. Abbey felt very special, as did all her friends when they spoke about one another. A positive body image and kind mind is so important nowadays, and 'Giggles4Girls' promoted this. Thanks again! 🙂

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